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Reporte de impactos públicos

Reporte de impactos públicos

As a matter of safety and improving the transit experience for our customers and all our state’s citizens, the Maryland Transit Administration works continuously to maintain and improve our infrastructure and facilities statewide. Here are some of the projects we’re working on currently and those that are most likely to have an impact on the traveling public.

Download MTA's Public Impacts Report (PDF file)

METRO (tren subterráneo)   

Repair or Replacement of Rogers Passerelle

DESCRIPTION: A report received in April 2017 has recommended replacement of the Rogers Passerelle superstructure due to chloride contamination.
IMPACT: No access to station via Passerelle during construction. MOT in bus lanes under Passerelle during construction.

Repairs to Metro Aerial, Bridge, and Station Structures II

DESCRIPTION: Continuation of metro repairs.
IMPACT: Work in stations and on the tracks will impact the travelling public.

Concrete Plinth & Floating Slab Emergency Repairs

DESCRIPTION: Emergency repairs to deteriorated concrete plinths and floating slabs.
IMPACT: Most work will be performed during non-revenue hours or during the weekend; any work performed during revenue hours will require single-tracking.

Metro Cross Passage Door Repair/Replacement

DESCRIPTION: Cross Passage doors within metro tunnels will be repaired or replaced. Construction Documents(design) to begin fall 2017.
IMPACT: Will coordinate with Metro for minimal impact.  Plan to replace cross-passage doors at time of Metro service interruption planned for summer of 2019.



Patapsco River Bridge Tie Replacement

DESCRIPTION: Replacement of timber ties on the Patapsco River bridge.
IMPACT: Both tracks on bridge to be closed as part of the schedule summer 2019 shutdown.

BWI Business Park Pedestrian Crossing

DESCRIPTION: Repairs to pedestrian grade crossings.
IMPACT: Disruption to use of pedestrian grade crossings.

Maple Road Cabinet Foundation Repair

DESCRIPTION: Installation of stable footing for utility cabinet.
IMPACT: Possible lane closure; no impact on rail service expected.



White Marsh P&R Lot

DESCRIPTION: Emergency pavement repairs in MTA parking lots.
IMPACT: Temporary fenced off areas of parking spaces in Lots 1 and 2 will continue until repairs are complete. Major construction work to be performed on weekends.



Brunswick MARC Station Park & Ride Lot Repairs

DESCRIPTION: Pavement repairs, milling/resurfacing, ADA parking upgrades, signage, and striping.
IMPACT: Work to be performed between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am, on weekdays; and on weekends, between 8:00 pm Friday and 4:00 am Monday. Weekend and overnight parking will be prohibited in the active phases/areas of work.

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