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Recordatorio: No permanezca en los vestíbulos de conexión ni se levante antes de que se anuncie su estación

MARC Train passengers are reminded of the following policies to ensure your safety while traveling:

  • Standing in the vestibule (the area between cars) is strictly prohibited. It causes a safety and security concern and also delays egress from the train. Conductors have been instructed to tell all patrons standing in the vestibule to enter the body of the train car. Anyone refusing to leave the vestibule will be removed from the train at the next scheduled station stop by law enforcement, which will cause delays for all passengers.
  • Passengers may not stand in the aisles in a manner that obstructs the doors that lead to the vestibule for the same reasons listed above. Please remain in your seat until your desired station is announced—do not begin lining up at the exit doors before the train has departed a station prior to where you are detraining. When passengers stand and block the exit doors well before their station, it causes delays to patrons exiting the train and they are unable to exit at their stop. It also prevents passengers from boarding and finding a seat.

MARC Train Service appreciates your patronage and wants all passengers to have a safe, efficient, and enjoyable trip. Following these simple rules will enhance your riding experience with MARC.

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Friday, febrero 2, 2018 - 15:00
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Friday, junio 29, 2018 - 23:06
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