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Penn Line schedule change: August 27

There will be a MARC Penn Line schedule change on August 25.  Amtrak trackwork will be completed on Friday, August 24 between Odenton and Bowie State University and the southbound track will be returned to service.  Amtrak maintenance employees will begin work between Odenton and West Baltimore on the middle track, with this project scheduled to be completed in November.  The impact to MARC Penn Line service should be less since this track is not regularly used by MARC trains.  However, 5-10 minute delays are still possible due to train congestion.

The schedules can be downloaded on our website and paper copies will be available in stations next week.  Specific details on the changes:

Penn weekday southbound

  • Seabrook is one or two minutes earlier on Trains 401, 403, 505, 407, 511, 413, 415, 419 and 423.
  • Train 421 is fifteen minutes later at all stops, Baltimore-Washington (departing Baltimore at 8:25am).  We recognize that this will create a longer gap in morning service, but there was no other option to avoid what would have been a daily conflict with an Acela Express train.  Train 421 will be restored to its 8:10am departure when this trackwork project is completed.
  • Train 525 restores the stop at Seabrook at 10:06am.
  • Train 433 is fifteen minutes EARLIER at all stops, Baltimore-Washington (departing Baltimore at 1:15pm).
  • MARC weekly and monthly pass holders who ride Amtrak train 85 from Aberdeen may now remain on Amtrak 85 if their destination is BWI Airport, New Carrollton or Washington.  Local travel is not permitted between Baltimore and Washington.
  • Amtrak train 137 (9:04pm departure from Penn Station) is no longer a cross honor train. Passengers should use MARC 451 or 453.
  • Train 453 is five minutes later at all stops, Baltimore-Washington (departing Baltimore at 9:30pm).

Penn weekday northbound

  • Train 634 will still depart Washington at 4:40pm and New Carrollton at 4:51pm, have the following new EARLIER times: Seabrook 4:55p, Bowie 5:02p, Odenton 5:10p, and BWI 5:19p. Also, Halethorpe, West Baltimore and Penn Station are now "L" stops for this train, which means it may depart up to five minutes early.
  • Train 642 will still depart Washington at 5:50pm, New Carrollton at 6:02pm and Seabrook at 6:07pm, but is now five minutes EARLIER at Bowie, Odenton, BWI, Halethorpe, West Baltimore and Penn Station. Also, Penn Station is now an "L" stop for this train, which means it may depart up to five minutes early.
  • Train 448 is seven minutes later at all stations, Washington-Baltimore (departing Union Station at 8:02pm).
  • Train 452 is five minutes later at all stations, Washington-Baltimore (departing Union Station at 10:45pm).

Penn weekend - Saturday

  • Train 677 will depart Martin Airport 35 minutes later (8:40am), then Penn Station and all stops to Washington 25 minutes later (9:10am).
  • Train 478 will depart Washington and all stations to Baltimore fifteen minutes later (departing Union Station at 10:30am).

Penn weekend - Sunday:

  • No changes

Thank you for riding MARC Train.


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