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Information for Washington Metrorail Green Line Riders: SafeTrack Closure

Washington Metrorail SafeTrack Project #14
Green Line closure and using MARC Camden Line as an alternative

Welcome to MARC Train!  We are glad to have Washington Metro passengers use our service due to the closure of the Green Line.  Riding MARC is easy -- but there are some important things to be aware of before you travel. 


The Washington Metro Green Line will be closed between Greenbelt and Prince George’s Plaza from April 15 to April 29 and from Greenbelt to College Park April 29 to May 14.  MARC's Camden Line stations that will be most affected by the Metro closure are Muirkirk, Greenbelt, College Park, and Riverdale.  While we are prepared to welcome extra customers on MARC, our capacity is limited.  It is likely that trains will be very crowded and you may have to stand.  Boarding will be stopped on trains when they reach a safe capacity.  Having a ticket does not guarantee a space or passage on a train; you may have to wait to take a later train.  Please allow extra time to get to your destination and arrive at your boarding station early.

The information that follows is very important and will help make your trip on MARC more enjoyable.


MARC’s Camden Line operates during the morning and afternoon rush hours only, Monday through Friday.  There is no service during the midday and no weekend service. Trains highlighted in yellow will make extra stops at Greenbelt and/or College Park during this Metro closure:

AM to Washington

  841 843 845 847 849 851
Muirkirk 5:36 6:06 6:46 7:11 7:49 8:44
Greenbelt 5:42 6:12 6:53 7:17 7:55 8:50
College Park 5:46 6:16 6:58 7:21 8:01 8:54
Riverdale L5:51 --- L7:04 L7:28 -- L9:01
Estación Union 6:05 6:35 7:18 7:44 8:21 9:12

L = Trains may depart Riverdale 5 minutes early.

PM from Washington

  848 850 852 854 856 858 860
Estación Union 3:30 4:13 4:43 5:22 5:58 6:55 7:45
Riverdale --- --- 4:53 5:32 --- 7:05 7:55
College Park 3:41 4:24 4:56 5:34 6:09 7:07 7:58
Greenbelt 3:45 4:29 5:01 5:39 6:14 7:12 8:01
Muirkirk 3:48 4:32 5:07 5:45 6:17 7:18 8:07

Click here to download the full MARC Camden Line schedule (which includes service to Greenbelt in the morning and back in the evening).



A one way ticket from Washington to Riverdale, College Park, or Greenbelt is $5.00 and a ticket from Washington to Muirkirk is $6.00.  Round trip tickets are not offered; please purchase two one way tickets.

How to Buy a Ticket

  • Muirkirk, Greenbelt, College Park, Riverdale: Tickets are sold by the Conductor on board the train, with cash only (no credit cards or checks accepted).  Please have your cash ready for the Conductor when the train arrives.  While exact change is not required, bills larger than $20.00 are not accepted.  All passengers must be in possession of a valid ticket or have cash to purchase a ticket prior to boarding the train.
  • You may also purchase your tickets in advance from any Amtrak ticket office, an Amtrak QuickTrack ticket machine at Union Station (see below), or at the Odenton MARC station.  Note that MARC one way tickets may be purchased in advance and are valid for six months and are good for travel in either direction (example: a ticket that reads Washington to College Park is valid from College Park to Washington).
  • Online at .  Please note that MARC does not currently offer E-ticket or mobile ticketing, paper ticket must be mailed.  Allow 4-5 business days for delivery.  The Commuter Direct website also sells 5-day weekly tickets ($37.50 or $45.00 from Muirkirk) and monthly passes ($135.00 or $162.00 from Muirkirk).  Monthly tickets can also be purchased from Amtrak.
  • At Washington Union Station: Tickets may be purchased from an Amtrak QuickTrack machine.  To activate the machine, insert your credit card with the magnetic stripe facing up and to the right.  On the first screen, do not press "Purchase One-Way Tickets", please press "Purchase MARC Tickets" at the bottom of the screen.

What to expect during your ride

  • Parking lots, platforms, and trains will be crowded, so you should arrive at your station  20 minutes prior to your train's scheduled departure.
    • For your safety, passengers must be on the proper platform prior to the train's arrival.  Passengers who cross in front or or behind the train while it is at the station will be denied boarding.
  • For morning departures from Greenbelt, you must purchase a ticket or present a valid ticket to MARC Train staff prior to entering the platform area.  Please have your tickets out and ready for collection or inspection to speed this process. 
  • MTA staff will be on hand to assist passengers, provide information, and ensure crowd management.  Please follow staff's direction.
  • It is possible that some trains will have limited boarding based on crowding.  We thank you in advance for your patience.  Passengers who are not able to board a train due to overcrowding will be prioritized to board the next train.
  • When boarding the train, please move inside and to the center of the car; do not stop just inside the doors.  This will ensure that there is enough space for standees.  Do not stand in the area between two railcars.
  • In the afternoon, please follow directions from Amtrak and MARC staff at Union Station.  Trains begin boarding about 15 minutes prior to departure.  Remain inside the station at the designated boarding gate until your train is announced for boarding.

Thank you for riding MARC Train.  We hope that you enjoy your trip!  If you have questions about MARC Train:

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